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Lucinda's Trip To Ethiopia

Our Roastmaster
Visits the Roots.

Our Roastmaster Lucinda recently visited Ethiopia. She was able to connect with several farmers and she attended an Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony!

Ethiopia has long been known as the birthplace of coffee. Farmers have been farming the beans and spreading the plants for hundreds of years. Ethiopia's unique climate and soil conditions produce some of the world's best coffees. The three main growing regions where Ethiopia coffee beans originate are Harrar, Ghimbi, and Sidamo (Yirgacheffe).

While there, Lucinda got to visit several different farms in the Eastern part of the country known as the Harrar Region. All of the coffee is shade grown under the canopy of the forest to keep it from dying during the dry season.

It is also grown among lemon and lime trees!

Local Farmers Selling Coffee At The Market

Check Out The Coffee Farm