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Our Coffee

Just like our customers, we get more passionate about coffee each day. It may be because our customers love the bean variety, the craft roasts or the aroma of the perfect espresso cup. Or maybe it is that we are being inspired by the variety of customers who walk into our shops, their enjoyment of coffee, the unique & uninhibited ways in which they relate to us. For all of us, coffee is more than a drink, it is a bridge that connects us, a nexus between worlds that otherwise might run parallel unaware of each other's existence. It sparks conversations, it removes prejudices, it builds friendships. We consider ourselves to be very fortunate to be in the midst of it every day.
It is why we believe it is important to source the coffee beans carefully, and to establish sustainable relationships with everyone involved. Whether the beans come from Eastern Africa, Brazil or Central America, we're trying to ensure that everyone benefits from drinking a cup of coffee at Impero: the farmers are treated and compensated fairly, the beans are grown sustainably in the climates that suits them best, the roasts are done in small 10-pound batches to minimize waste and maximize craft and the customers can enjoy a great cup of coffee.
We're not perfect, and never will be, and that is okay with us, because this way we will never stop from trying. So we hope to share what has been given to us with as many of you as possible.