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Brazil Brazil

Sun dried coffee from the slopes of the Cerrado region

Our Price: $5.80
Colombian Colombian

Cupping Notes: Mild Cherry, Lemon, and Cocoa

Our Price: $5.95
Colombian Decaf Colombian Decaf

Cupping Notes: Smooth, Mild, Nutty

Our Price: $6.68
El Salvador El Salvador

Cupping Notes: Mild Citrus, Smooth, Clean

Our Price: $7.22
Espresso Blend Espresso Blend

Cupping Notes: Intense Chocolate, Caramel, Nutty, Fruity

Our Price: $6.50
Ethiopian Gera Ethiopian Gera

Cupping Notes: Mild Blueberry, Mild Strawberry, Good Body, Creamy

Our Price: $8.75
Guatemala Huehuetenango Guatemala Huehuetenango - El Limonar

Cupping Notes: Citrus, Clean, Creamy

Our Price: $7.44
House Blend House Blend

Cupping Notes: Mild Citrus, Nutty, Creamy

Our Price: $6.25