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3rd Wave Coffee

Impero Coffee and The Third Wave

1st Wave

      - Dad’s Navy coffee, Diner coffee, Folgers: sweet, nutty often watery or characterless

2nd Wave

      - Starbucks is a prime example: fast-food like optimized taste, darker roasts, specialized coffee drinks that are super sweet and/or flavored and at higher prices.

3rd Wave

      - like craft beers or artisan cheese: sustainable farming, careful roasting, coffee often brewed one cup at a time on demand, generally lighter roasting(letting the true variation in flavors come through) brewed in Chemex’s, pour overs or French presses

Some places offer some of these 3rd wave aspects, but Impero Coffee offers them all in both of our locations, introducing Third Wave to Grove City and helping sustain it in the Short North.

We source our fresh green coffee beans from around the planet: Ethiopia, Sumatra, Brazil, Papua New Guinea, Guatemala, El Salvador and more importantly we get these coffees from specific estates. The Papua New Guinea is AA Kimel Estate, The Ethiopian is a Sidamo(Guji Special). The El Salvador is Cerro Las Ranas and the Guatemalan is Huehuetenango(El Limonar Estate).

They are then roasted to perfection in small batches and the drinks are prepared by our Baristas the way you want it, not how it comes out of the pre-programmed automatic espresso machines.  By roasting carefully selected coffees in small batches, we let our roasters exercise the craft of roasting the world’s best beans.

Come experience the way coffee should be enjoyed, rich varied flavors brought to your palate by people who want to share the pleasure of coffee’s variety. Sit back on one of our comfy couches, take a deep breath and stay a while. Caffeine may speed you up, but enjoying it with us can slow down your world.